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About Robin and Mike, Owners of Bahama Dreamin 

Robin and Mike are originally from Florida and now spend most of their time in Long Island, Bahamas at Bahama Dreamin.  Their home is the green house located directly north of Pink Conch.  They're your best friend’s while on the island, offering advice, letting you in on island secrets as well as their personal favorites.  Of course, your trip is uninterrupted they're only there if you wish to reach out to them. 

How Bahama Dreamin came to be

In 2011 we started planning our retirement, we thought it would be on a boat cruising the Caribbean. After looking at the cost of a boats and living life on the water, we decided to at least look at property in the Bahamas first.  The first island we looked at was Long Island and that was our last! We fell in love with this friendly, safe, beautiful place the moment we arrived. We toured the Leeward and Windward side deciding on the Windward due to the elevation and constant ocean breeze.  We’re positive you will be amazed by the beautiful views, and amazing Atlantic Breeze.

We met with a few builders and chose Lauren Knowles, a father to the community and now like family to us.  Our plan was to build one home but started to realize the amazing gift we could share with our friends and family. Blue Lagoon and Pink Conch went from a quick thought to reality in a very short time.  Our dream, “Bahama Dreamin” was complete. After 5 years we feel blessed that we by far made the right decision.

We have traveled to many places, pinning down all the fine details when building and furnishing the Blue Lagoon and Pink Conch Villas. Each villa is 2 bedroom, 2 bath with comfortable family room and full kitchens including everything you need to make this your home.  If you don't want to cook there are many restaurants close by or you can choose to have a Bahamian meal cooked for you in your villa with fresh fish or lobster caught that day! Contact us for details about this!  We can assure you, you will be amazed with Long Island Bahamas and Bahama Dreamin.   We’re so excited to meet you and help you enjoy this amazing place!


Any other questions? Contact us

US Phone 407-383-5708

Bahama Phone 242-472-4435

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